About me

I believe in the power of ideas, and that those ideas can light our path through life. Mine have always been closely tied to a strong feeling of universe and solemnity. When I was 9 years old, a friend gave me Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast, and something clicked: music and sound would play a major role in my life. Days upon days were spent listening to that record and letting the mind wander. Something told me right then that listening and imagining would turn out to be important aspects of my life. That is how those days sitting in front of a cassette deck eventually turned into time spent sitting at mixing desks in recording studios. There is a source of constant inspiration inside me that pushes me to give some of that back as an act of recognition, so to speak.

The process of music

Music has always been about one thing: a burning desire.

Talent burns.

Life burns.

Determination burns.

I am like that.

I have met and worked with people who are like that.

We are family in this, regardless of similarities or differences.

And the outcome is rarely foreseeable.

The process is sometimes easy and sometimes exhausting, but that’s all part of the game.

What counts is the listeners’ reaction.

And contrary to what most people seem to believe, perfection is not paramount – ideas, drive and finding the best possible way to convey them are.

The history of music is the ground music itself walks on, draws inspiration from and takes off from at the hands of those with that same drive and ambition.

I will keep on exploring my personal universe and putting it in the service of new music that burns to be made.

Together with others like me.

Working experience

Over the past 12 years I have worked with numerous bands and have gathered extensive experience organising and understanding the various aspects of recording and producing music in the best interest of each artist and their project.

I work with heavy genres (stoner rock, space rock, punk rock, seventies rock, doom, post black, post rock or similar) but also with atmospheric, quiet music.
Regardless of musical styles I find I work particularly well with highly motivated musicians and inspired artists set on exploring their musical personality.

I have so far worked in three different recording studios in my hometown of Bolzano, Italy, and have attended courses with:

• David Lenci (Uzeda, Verdena, Three Second Kiss, One Dimensional Man, June of 44, Blonde Redhead & more) at Redhouse Recordings in Senigallia, Italy.

• Marco Borsatti (Vasco Rossi & more) in Bologna, Italy.

• Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Black Crowes, Dream Theater, Silverchair, Joe Bonamassa, HIM, Mr. Big & more) at The Cave Studio in Malibu, California.

Over the years, I have worked with a number of talented artists, including...

Black rainbows
Cannibali commestibili
Black is?Just a dark white
Sign of the jackall
Black star
Junk love
London elephants
It’s all over
Myztic Lion & the juggernaut nation
Shanti powa orchestra
Mirko Giocondo
Valerio Sanzotta
Bobby Gualtirolo
Santo marcio
The little white bunny
The byron saga
Gleeman members
Sense of akasha
Mariachi punch
Annika Borsetto & Franz Zanardo
Space cadets
Death has gone
Cemetery drive

and many many more…

plus lots of solo artists (rap, indie)